Planning your event - FAQ

Can we come and see you play somewhere before hiring you?

As we are a wedding and function band, the majority of our performances are for private events. We only perform a handful of public gigs at carefully selected venues around Devon, typically at the beginning, middle and towards the end of the year. This includes performances at local wedding fayres. You are more than welcome to come along. Do bear in mind that we cannot guarentee to still be available for your chosen date by the time you get to see us. We completely understand concerns about booking a band you’ve not seen before. However all of the photos, demos and videos we create for you are a great representation of what you will get when you book Quite Brazen. Check out our testimonials from other happy clients for further peace of mind.

Do I need to hire a wedding DJ?

This is not at all necessary. We have a standalone DJ/Disco service which you can opt for as part of your package. Depending on your requirements and entertainment budget for your wedding reception, party or function, we can provide a mid interval dj/disco service which can be tailored to your musical tastes, with requests taken on the night and can include additional lighting and haze effects to make your dancefloor come to life. Alternatively if your budget doesnt allow this service, not to worry - we can provide our up to date and varied interval music or you are free to create your own playlist on a laptop or Tablet, mp3/Ipod/Ipad and plug it into our system.

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Can the wedding band learn a song for our first dance?

We have a varied selection of songs in our repertoire to choose from and we are also happy to consider learning a specific song for your first dance together. We do have to take into consideration if the song is possible to do with our standard line up of vocals, guitar, bass and drums as well as the style of the song and if it suits us - eg we wont be doing operatic arias, death metal, piano concertos or songs that require 5 part male harmonies! We require a minimum of 12 weeks notice in order to provide the best quality version of the song for your day. If we are unable to perform your chosen song, we can provide this for you via MP3. If you have any concerns, do feel free to discuss this with us at the time of booking, we would happily offer advice if required.

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How do we pay?

We ask for a deposit to secure your chosen date usually £100 or 10% of the overall fee, whichever is greater. This is payable via bank transfer. The remaining balance is required a minimum of 1 week prior to the event by bank transfer, giving you time to budget for your entertainment.

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When will the band arrive and how long does the band need to set up?

We are fully flexible on arrival times to fit in with your special day. Our set up time is around 50 minutes for our full rig set up including DJ/Disco lighting, during this time we will also have to perform a sound check. Do bear in mind that the sound check can be disruptive (noisy -albeit of the musical kind) try to keep your guests seperate from the band set up area where possible. During the sound check we will be managing the sound of the individual instruments and play through sections of songs to get correct sound levels for the venue type. Glass buildings, high ceilings and shiny floors all make a difference to the sound. The band set up times for events can be dramatically reduced by the number of musicians and equipment supplied. The acoustic duo for instance, requires simply 20-30 minutes.

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How long does the band play for?

Quite Brazen include 2 x 1 hour LIVE sets and if required, we can include a mid interval disco or interval MP3 background music session. This can allow for up to 4 hours of music depending on the options you choose, plus some wind down tunes as the band pack up. In terms of timings for your evening, we recommend that music starts around 9-9.30pm You daytime guests will want to freshen up, you need to greet and mingle with your evening guests who also need to catch up with the daytime guests. This takes time but does give everyone the chance to loosen up, get a few drinks in at the bar and be ready to pull some shapes when the time comes. Perhaps consider having your evening food before the band starts or have some additional entertainment beforehand such as a table magician, caricatures, casino, photo booth or rodeo!

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Do you need any other information from us prior to our wedding or event?

We will send you our band booking form which will ask some brief questions about your wedding, party or event such as venue, co-ordinators details and venue type. This will usually cover everything we need to know. We are experienced entertainers and we offer full advice and support to all of our clients at no additional cost - we are happy to discuss with you how best to plan your wedding, party or event music, especially if you are using other types of entertainment on the night. We also have a FREE PDF booklet available on our website for you, entitled 'Planning your perfect reception'.We hope you find this helpful.

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Can you play outside?

Yes. We are happy to play outside. However, this is of course subject to the wonderful changable English weather. We cannot perform al fresco if it rains for safety reasons and to of course prevent damage to our equipment - unless undercover provision is made by way of weather proof marquee/tent. We also require level ground to set up our equipment (i.e not on a slope) and access to 2 standard power points (this can be via generator or by extension lead from indoors).

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Does the band have public liability insurance?

Yes, Quite Brazen have PLI for £10,000,000 and all of our equipment is regularly PAT tested by appropriately qualified engineers.

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Are there any other expenses?

Our costs are set for events in Devon. In terms of sustinence, we only require the simple things in life such as a jug of drinking water or two and where possible, a clean well lit changing room with seating, electricity and access to a WC - especially if we are attending your event all day. We are working for you, to make your evening special so a sit down meal is not required. For weddings and events further afield we may have to charge reasonable travel expenses or overnight accommodation for 4 people. We leave our homes at around 3pm for a start time of 6.30pm - if you event finishes at midnight we are looking at arriving home at 3am, so we would have been travelling, working & performing for 12 hours+. Please be reassured we don't need to stay at the Ritz or travel by Limo but we do have to consider our health, safety and wellbeing.

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What does the band wear?

We like to look our best for your event and we present a professional image at all times. Shelley will be dressed to impress and the boys will be dressed in smart black shirts and tousers with black dress shoes.

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Do you arrange the set lists?

Absolutely. We do all the arranging for you. The band have a strong repertoire of modern pop, rock, indie and funky classics from the 1960's to present day chart hits. We have performed at hundreds of events and so we know what works well, which order they work best in and which songs get everyone up on the dancefloor. After discussing your needs, we can offer your event a set list that will have something for everyone and be guarenteed to get your party jumping. We are always adding new songs and are happy to discuss learning your first dance. Do let us know if there is anything from our set that you really wouldnt like played, although we hope that you would choose us not only based on our great reputation but also on our fantastic mix of songs.

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What are your top tips?

We get asked this a lot. We have many tips picked up from attending and performing at many events and weddings over the years. The best tip:

Enjoy yourselves completely! Dont get caught up in all the trivial things that dont really matter, like the weather or a broken heel! throw off your shoes and dance in the rain if you have to. Just keep smiling.

Timings for events such as awards ceremonies or presentations - allow your guests time in between the finish of the awards and the start of the band to get a drink in or use the bathroom to freshen up. This could mean the difference between us playing to an empty room vs a full dancefloor!

Dont want a first dance? dont worry - you are not alone. Traditionally speaking, it marks the opening of the dancefloor to your guests. If this is not to your taste, you could consider having a fun first dance with all your guests to something silly or even choose instead to have a 'last dance'. Its your day - do what makes you feel good, not what you feel 'obligated' to do.

Food: Dont have the buffet served whilst the band is on - no-one dances when there is food on offer and we dont need an excuse for your guests to leave the dancefloor. If timings run over, your event co-ordinators should be more than capable of rearranging timings with the band or caterers.

Sound limiters: Used uncessesarily in some venues with no neighbours, these can kill the party atmosphere and dictate how we perform - do let us know well in advance if your venue has this in situ.

I hope we have managed to cover most questions here. If we have left anything unanswered - just drop us a line and ask away!

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