MJ Cajons

>>> Posted by Shelley - 14/01/2015

MJ Cajons

Excited!!! Quite Brazen have received delivery of a brand spanking new MJ High Beat Cajon! We hope to debut the cajon at an acoustic event soon with Neil taking the helm.

We are so pleased to endorse this particular product. For those of you not in the know, our previous drummer and good friend, Mr Matt Jackson, drum tech extraordinaire – professor cajon as he is endearingly known to us, is now a bonafide maker and distributor of his own line of beautiful, birch fronted Cajons. His line of Cajons being of high quality which show his passion for both design and function

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Matt offers a wide range of teaching methods for both full drum kits, cajon playing, group sessions and tuning...among many other things.

The cajon is a wonderful, versatile instrument. The cajon box drum is thought to have originated in Peru. In the 16th century, it wasn't unusual for folk to make these instruments from old packing crates and use them to replace the native drums of Africa. Cajon drums in Cuba were made from old drawers and other household box type structures and used to accompany Cuban and Latino Styles.

The word Cajon actually means box, or drawer in Spanish and is found as a major player in Spanish Flamenco music.

Matt has a range of different types of Cajon suitable for varying degrees of experience and taste.

Get in touch to see what he can do for you!