Planning your reception

>>> Posted by Shelley - 08/10/2013

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When it comes to planning the perfect evening reception, there are a few things to consider. Taking into consideration your theme, your venue style and what is truly you and unique to you both as a couple. Injecting your personality can be really important in creating the right ambiance for your evening celebration. One thing to start off with is to decide what kind of reception you will have.

  • Will you be choosing a traditional or more bespoke/unique reception? In a traditional reception the bride and groom have a reception line where guests shake hands with the family as they arrive,

  • The decorating of the wedding car (some vintage style weddings have started incorporating this old gem again, very cute for summer weddings)
  • The cutting of the cake,
  • The speeches - When will your speeches be? - during the meal or during the night itself?
  • Will you be leaving early for Honeymoon (traditional) or partying to midnight and beyond?
  • Are you having professional structured photography or does your photographer work organically, interweaving themselves into the natural flow of the day for a paparazzi style approach?
  • Will you be having a break for food during the night?
  • Any other entertainment (Photobooth, sweet station, games etc)
  • In terms of music, choosing a band that suits your style is important, Quite Brazen tend to have something for everyone in their repertoire, everything from Dusty Springfield to Blur, Oasis and Adele and Katie Perry to Madness and The Kings of Leon. As well as offering great live music, Quite Brazen also offer a fully customisable Disco for the interval and after session. With over 30,000 tracks available we can create a playlist as unique as you both. Talking to friend and family before the event is a great way of getting people involved, especially if you are inundated with offers of help! Get friends to discuss and add ideas for tracks that have been important in your lives, recalling good times, interesting moments at university or memories of sun sea and sandy holidays past. We will incorporate this into your evening and reflect your personalities and that of your friends and family through the power of music. If you are having other entertainment, announcements by the band can be made for guests to take advantage of what is on offer.
    First dance songs;
    Many couples struggle with this aspect - some couples choose not to do this at all. Its a very exposing moment and if you are shy it may be best to not have the full dance alone but allow the band to call everyone else to the floor to support you. We have had many requests for various different songs, Eminem's "Superman" was and still is the most surprising request so far! The most rebel rousing was starting with Guns and Roses "Sweet child o'mine" which made for a very energetic first dance including full air guitar. Amazing! Sometimes we get far more entertained by watching you guys have fun! In any case, a first dance song is significant as it marks the beginning of your evening celebration. Its a moment to choose a song that sums up your personalities, your feelings towards each other and perhaps something that means alot to you both.
    We have various first dance songs such as:

  • I won't give up - Jason Mraz,
  • It must be love - Madness,
  • Kiss me - Sixpence none the richer,
  • Your song - Elton John/Ellie Goulding,
  • INXS - Never tear us apart,
  • Oasis - Let there be love.
  • If we are unable to perform your song live as a band or prefer the original track - we will provide the song you wish to have so you can rest assured that on the day, you are in safe and organised hands. With all of the above to consider, what is most important is that the day is what YOU want it to be.
    Typical evening reception:

  • Sit down meal ends at 6-6.30pm,
  • Band arrives to set up and sound check as venue clears away tables ready for the evening, during this time canapes/drinks reception and photos tend to occur.
  • 7.30pm soft music played through PA as evening guests arrive,
  • 8pm first dance followed by first live set,
  • 9pm evening food and interval disco session,
  • 10pm - 11pm live music followed by after disco until midnight.
  • Do consider the following is you are in a venue where guests may be present all day or during the evening set up arrangements - this might be a village hall, a marquee or barn. The set up of the band may include some disruption - although we do aim to be as discreet as possible. The sound check can be an issue for some couples. In this case, we can arrive early to set up in the venue prior to your arrival for the sit down meal (additional fees apply for this service) we have found that in some cases this can be very beneficial and allows the day to tick along nicely. With all these things to consider, don't feel overwhelmed. Its merely a suggestion to get you thinking about the perfect evening to end the perfect day x