Wedding band Promo video

>>> Posted by Shelley - 28/03/2014

It was a beautiful sunny day in March and the QB gang assembled at the professional and well equipped Momentum studios, Plymouth for the live recording of their musical medley promo of Get Lucky/Le Freak.

Warmly welcomed by owner, musician and producer extraordinaire Josiah Manning, we got down to the all important apects of the day – such as having a nice cup of tea. It was 9am after all. I did feel slightly dishevelled after the drive but the car hair was well hidden by the headphones! I have to say, it felt rather decadent to be wearing sequins at breakfast time!

After setting up our gear in the live room – the cameras were positioned, instruments tuned, sound checked and we began with a trial run through. Due to the expertise of the producer and film maker – overall, we were done in three takes – each take getting a few different angles for the video and a 'best of three' on the audio.

A great experience was had – It was a lot of fun and we are very pleased with the results. The video you see before you is Quite Brazen, recorded totally LIVE with no overdubbing. What you see and hear, is what you get – we hope you like it too : )

Quite Brazen recording at momentum studios