The perfect debut

>>> Posted by Shelley - 01/03/2014

What a fantastic evening! Last nights public gig at The Park Hotel, Exmouth went down in history as one of the most fun, sweaty and singalong filled evenings we have experienced. The dancefloor was filled with limber participants, fuelled by tall glasses of confidence puchased at the bar, making shapes that have yet to be analysed by mathmaticians! It was the perfect night to debut Mr Steve Jackson on keys, who expertly complemented the Quite Brazen sound as if he had always been there. It is always a pleasure to play public gigs, it allows us to let our hair down, try out new songs and meet potential clients as well as feeling right royally entertained by you too. Anyone who missed this fab night, dont worry - we are back at the Park in June and have a handful of other public performances coming up throughout 2014.