Wiltshire Wedding

>>> Posted by Shelley - 14/09/2014

Quite Brazen in wiltshire

It was slap bang in the middle of a gorgeous field in Wiltshire that Emily & Hugh held their wedding celebrations. It was the beginning of August, high summer. The day was beautifully sunny with blue skies as far as the eye could see. The perfect day for love and celebrations.
Sadly Hugh and Emily had been let down at the last minute by their entertainment and contacted us to see if we could help - low and behold, we only had one date left in August which fortunately was the very date they needed!! we were delighted to be able to help this lovely couple who were so relaxed and full of good humour.
We arrived and were greeted grandly by a handsome chap in a flat cap holding an impressive pint of ale in a proper glass tankard and he directed us towards the celebration tent. Food was in the midst of being prepared by the caterers and smelled utterly delicious – Kedgeree and Vegeree (we had the vegeree which was AMAZING! Yum, thanks guys)
Setting up behind the curtain, we could hear the fun beyond and knew instantly that this was going to be a great night.
Taking the floor for their first dance as husband and wife, Emily looked stunning in her gorgeous gown and her handsome groom Hugh was dashing in his suit.
Their first dance was 'You got the love' (Candi Staton/Florence) performed by us – and we began the song as the curtains opened to present the beautiful couple to their friends and family. The moment was perfect and the cheers showed how much these two meant to everyone celebrating with them.
The night continued as it began with plenty of dancing, fun and frolicks, a stray fox served us a drink each (ha!) and the rousing wall of sound that came from everyone singing the line 'I got soul but i'm not a soldier' over and again was so immersive and surreal it was like playing Wembley!
Thank you Hugh & Emily for choosing Quite Brazen to provide the soundtrack to your special day. It was an honour and a privelege. Wishing you lots of love & best wishes for the future!

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